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Testimony Crooked To Christ August 2023

Praise the Lord Brother Sheldon testimony

Day I was saved July 7/17 story of Sheldon a young 23 man 23 years in darkness without hearing about Jesus the day for you to be saved is now here's my story my life was so dark I was lost in so much pain I didn't want to live couldn't deal with the reality of who I was and where I was so I would drink it away and smoke it away trying to satisfy myself and get rid of all this pain life seemed so vain lying to myself saying it's fun to get drunk do drugs and party and deep inside I was crying for help and answers never satisfied drink after drink cigarette after another a pill after another pill a cut after a cut never cured me or gave me a answer never got rid of my pain just made me worse in my ways turning my pain into anger lead me to more pain ended up hurting somebody really bad looking at 7 to 10 years in prison probably even life sentence .that was when Jesus stepped in and save me from my ways and he took all my pain and showed me the way and gave me the answers who I was and why I was made everybody that is in pain Jesus wants you today! read the Bible the love letter with all the answers find out who you are what's after death hope now and after death


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