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Witness at Home, Web and Everywhere!

How to Witness on the Internet
I am excited and thrilled to share with you tips, sites and examples of how you can share Jesus with friends and strangers around the world via your computer and the web. From your own home you can be a living powerful witness for Jesus and the Glory of God. Today you can be a worldwide witness and spread the love of God with others.
You can share the love of Jesus in most nations and go right into people’s homes and businesses and speak to people in a very personal way. Jesus said “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every person”. The Internet is a new and free way of providing people with a way to share Jesus around the world. Once it was true that only a few people traveled the world in evangelism and missions. Now it is possible for anyone with a computer and Internet hookup to share Jesus with others around the world 24 hours a day. Age, finances, gender and color, etc. are no longer limitations to worldwide witness. Today many people have best friends in other cities or nations that they have never personally met. The Internet is becoming what the town square once was, a place to meet and chat. The need for street witnesses, personal witnessing everywhere, tract distribution, personal talking, radio and television ministry, church ministry and all types of sharing and helping others in a personal way has not changed and never will. This new and modern way is now open via the Internet. Yet there are many forces seeking for the hearts and minds of people on the Internet. There is evil and there is good.
Today there is Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites that provide a good place to witness and share Christ. Also you may want to make you own website and use it as a witness place. There are Apps that can be created and used on cell phones. This is a powerful way to witness. Changes come to the Internet and phones almost every day. These are wonderful places to share and to reach out to witness. You can put up your songs, poems, books etc free.

Just beware that there are wolfs in sheep’s clothing trying to entice ‘you’ into evil. Also you will come upon sights that you need to move directly away from. Don’t even stay to take a look. Like in life there are church buildings and crack houses, you have to decide which one you will enter. So on the Internet you face constant decisions. There are great places of witness and inspiration and truth and teaching. Make that your place to explore and learn.

Look out for hate, gossip, and evil. I pray you will be a powerful witness for Jesus. As you can see our website is both interesting and gives the message of salvation and how to follow Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.
We have people saved almost every day that e mail and many that make commitments to Jesus to live out His call and mission. You are welcome to explore this website and read the books, the nations and my columns where I teach.

How to Witness at Home and Anywhere!
It is life’s most blessed experience “Knowing Jesus” as Savior and Lord, and following Him for the Glory of God.
A natural part of following Jesus is to live in His life and way. We seek to obey His commands and express His desire. Jesus came “to seek and to save those who are lost”. Luke 19:10
Sharing Jesus with others, or witnessing is to be an overflow of love and expression from a life now in Christ. It is to be a natural, joyful and powerful part of each believer’s life.
May these tips help you to be a consistent, effective and fruitful witness of Jesus. Pray and start now! The harvest is ripe! Fear not be creative and Spirit Led.
Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”. Matthew 9:37-38. “I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” John 4:35
God’s power to change lives
“Therefore if any person be in Christ, they are a new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new”. 2 Corinthians 5:17

God can save anyone
God can save through anyone (you and me)
Be bold, loving, humble and enthusiastic
Witnessing is worth the sacrifice
God’s power to save is worldwide, anyone, anytime, anyplace
Look for God’s potential in every person

Home Witness!
1. Telephone: Put a Jesus witness message on your answer phone. Phone every one in your phone book for a witness (you might get others to help you on this taking a page or two each. Witness to every phone solicitor that calls you.
Share your testimony with your friends and family and have prayer for them then lead them in a prayer having them repeat after you.
Answer your phone with a witness like “God bless you, this is __________.” Or something like it. This will start every conversation with a witness.

2. Gospel tracts and Jesus stickers: (Gospel tracts are small papers with scriptures and information on how to know Jesus as Savior. Jesus stickers are small round stick on labels that say ‘Smile God loves you’ etc.)
Put Gospel tracts in all your bills!
Insert tracts on all ‘postage will be paid by’ junk mail envelopes that come to your home.
Stick Jesus stickers on all junk mail postcards.
You could mail gospel tracts to every one in your neighborhood or city using the phone book for addresses.
Have a ‘tract rack’ at the door to give materials to every sales person that arrives at your door.
Put a tract or sticker in all your letters.

3. Invite friends and family to your home for dinner and fellowship and share a witness and prayer.

4. Witness to ever repair and service person that comes to your home.

5. Use your computer and Internet connection as a worldwide witness station. You can share Jesus with people around the world.

Put gospel tracts in the cigarette ashtray to give out at tollbooths.
When you stop at drive in food places give a tract with your money and a Jesus greeting.
Hand a tract to gas station attendant when you pay.
Lay a tract in the rest room when you use it.
Sometimes I get so excited I unroll some of the toilet tissue and stick a Jesus sticker about every foot as I roll it back up!
Use your car to pick up needy, sick or aged people and take them shopping or touring or to church.
Volunteer your car at church to pick up people needing a ride.

Put Gospel material in:
o Convenience stories
o Gas stations
o Laundromats
o Newsstands
o Phone Boxes
o Restaurants
o Fast Food restaurants
o Bowling alleys
o Ball Games
o Music Festivals
o Flea Markets
o Garage sales
o Medical office

Have your own Garage sale and give gospel material to everyone.
Set up your own booth at a flea market and give out the gospel.
Hand out a tract or sticker when you buy something at a shop anywhere.
Tack a tract on the bulletin board at the supermarket or superstore (almost all have a community bulletin board.
Put gospel material in small tract racks and put them in hospital waiting rooms and even hotel lobbies or other public places.
* Organize church outreach to the streets of your city.
* Witness in your school, college and job.
* Door to door in your neighborhood.
* Take a group and go witness in large sports and music gatherings.
* Share Jesus in bars and nightclubs.
* Be a witness in your civic club or sports team.

How to share Jesus
Seek to be led by the Holy Spirit. The message is more important than the method. There is nothing that is essential for bringing someone to Christ except the conveying of the knowledge of Christ to them in whatever manner you can. Convicting and saving them is the work of the Holy Spirit. That’s why we call witnessing “sharing Jesus Christ”. You don’t have to have a gospel tract in order to lead a person to Jesus. You don’t have to have a Jesus sticker to be a witness. You don’t even have to have the Bible in your hand. All you really need is Jesus in your heart. You must keep reminding yourself that it’s not the technique or the material that leads a person to Christ.

Leading a person to Christ is leading a person to Christ. It is not teaching him about the latest Christian fad. It is not telling him all the ways in which you think his life needs to change. You need to discipline yourself to focus on your one purpose – you want to lead them to Christ.

The Big Question
When I give one of these tracts to a person, I smile and say, “I’d like to give you this”. “Do you know what the big question is?” Then, tell him. “If you had died the minute you started to read this, do you have the assurance that you would be in heaven?”

Most people respond to the big question by admitting that they don’t know. Some people will say, “I hope so,” or “Well, I want to”. Very few will say, “Yes, I know if I died I’d go to heaven.” If the person says, “Yes, I do have the assurance that I’d go to heaven,” then I prod them in a kindly way. “How do you know that you would spend eternity with God – If you died right now? What do you base that on?” I encourage the person to look at the tract as you read from it or your Bible. I like to use the Bible so the person sees it comes directly from the Word of God.

1. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. Romans 3:23
Then tell the person that you are a sinner, they are a sinner and that we have all come short of the life of Jesus. Then share this in love and not judgment. Each of us has an impure heart. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8. How do we have this pure heart?
2. “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. Romans 6:23. There is a consequence to sin, separation from God. Our sins separate us from God. God’s gift to us; Jesus who died on the cross for our sins, was buried, arose and ascended into heaven is able to cleanse our heart and give us eternal life.
3.“God gave His love to us while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. Romans 5:8.
God did something about our condition, He gave Jesus. Then I share about the life and person of Jesus. Be sure to tell of His life and works and mission. Let them fall in love with Jesus.
4. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. Romans 10:13. I tell the person that they can now call upon the name of Jesus and be saved. The time is now. God desires them in His family. You can explain more of His call and desire to hear and welcome that person to have eternal life and to be a true follower of Jesus.

Most of the time I now ask the person to let me pray for them. Many people cannot remember anyone personally praying for them. Pray for them, not your problems or the world’s. When you finish your prayer simply say to them “I would like to lead you in a prayer to God that you may know Him and be a follower of Jesus and have eternal life”. Then ask the person to say the prayer out loud and repeat it after you.

“Dear God as best as I know how I give my life to you. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me, arose again and ascended to the Father. I repent of my sins and trust Jesus to cleanse me, come into my life and save me. I want to believe in and be a follower of Jesus. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and your love. Make me a home in heaven and write my name in Your book. I am not ashamed of Jesus! Thank you Lord, in Jesus name I pray.”

I now encourage the person in what God has done for them. It would be good now to read to them the booklet “The New Life”. Help then now to know what has happened, and who they are in Christ. Follow then up in person, by e-mail, phone or mail.

These are only a few tips and of course not complete. The best way of witness is to study the life of Jesus and the book of Acts then go out and live it. May all glory be to God! Follow Jesus!
Be filled with the Holy Spirit!
Now Go In Jesus Name!
The Harvest is Ripe.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Luke 18:1
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