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Your Calling Is Clear 

 Share this life experience of Joel’s of how He was a new member in the Air Force, and the call of God on His life changed him forever. It also changed his destiny and his career focus and how he would spend the rest of his life. It started with an inward knowing to attend Bible School and how God opened the way for Joel to leave the Air Force and begin his journey to attend Bible school. Let’s pick it up! Your calling is clear.

Joel was a career minded Air Force recruit. He wanted follow in his father’s footsteps and be a career focused man. The Oswald family had a long history of its male members being in the military for their entire lives. Certainly, Joel was no exception to this generational history. Joel planned to work his way up the ranks and make it to the highest enlisted rank he could before he retired from the service. Joel had prepared for the rigors of the service by keeping up a grueling exercise regime which consisted of jogging, weight-lifting and swimming. He was a devoted Christian but never considered his destiny to be in ministry full time. Air Force blood ran in his veins and that was his focus in life.

All this changed when the call of God caught Joel’s heart off guard. Joel was stationed at McLellan Air Force base in hot, sunny   Sacramento, California. Joel was assigned to the research department of the base. Joel jumped into his new assignment with both feet running on the ground. He quickly made friends and joined a couple of bible studies. He found a local church he felt very home at as well. He was a year into his assignment when he noticed a change in his focus on life.

He began to wonder what it would be like to leave the Air Force and attend bible school to study to be a minister. Joel had always had a love and deep reverence for God’s word. He always enjoyed studying it and memorizing whole books of the bible. Lately, his desire to study God’s word intensified and he had an insatiable hunger to study it on a full time basis. But he still wanted to spend the rest of his life in the military and retire with a generous pension. The conflict within between bible school and the Air Force grew and grew until Joel became very confused about his priorities in life.

One Sunday night as Joel was longing in his room listening to his favorite Christian CD‘S, the thought to leave the service and attend bible school gradually entered his mind resonating through his spirit that he should leave the Air Force and attend bible school in Santa Cruz, California.  He thought how in the world could I do that when I am committed to the military for three more years. (It was not like he could just give his two week notice and walk through the gates and leave.) He quickly offered a prayer to God . Lord if this is you make a way.  A short time later, he visited his career counselor for his annual career assessment. This meeting would be a life experience Joel would never forget.

Joel and the advisor exchanged greetings and settled in for their meeting. Joel what do you want out of life? (Joel thought this was a really philosophical question for a career assessment meeting.)  I plan on spending my career in the Air Force.  Have you thought about leaving the Air Force and pursuing a career in the clergy?  Joel’s ears started burning and every muscle in his muscular body began to twitch. His deep blue eyes stared coldly back at the advisor. I started thinking about leaving it to become a minister.  You really should get out and follow your dreams. You can get out and enroll in a program called Palace Chase. I can?  Yes you can but do not tell anyone I told you to do this. I won’ t when can we start the process?  Now he replied.  Let’s get the ball rolling!  Your calling is clear and will change your life forever!

 For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14 By Rev.tom


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