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Coming Soon Spirit Rock Radio 98.5

Spirit Rock Radio 98.5 Radio Station Goes On Air In Pine City MN JULY 29 2024


A new Radio station hopes to bring good news and community connections to the airwaves. Spirit Rock Radio 98.5 online internet station will started broadcasting JUNE 2024 from Pine City MN. The new station has been started by Reverend Demetrius & Sonia Langford, Reverends of  Demetrius Langford Ministries of Pine City MN. “We hoping that the radio station is a welcome change to the community,” said Reverend Demetrius Langford Founder of the radio station. “ To be able to inform the community on local and comunity matters, as well as bring forth the gospel, is the intention of the station.” The station will inform the community and entertain listeners with Christian Music. The goal is to increase preaching on the radio, so time slots will be open to other area Ministers and nonprofit groups who want training to broadcast, Reverend Sonia Langford  said. The operators of  Spirit Rock Radio 98.5 also hope to land the Community on board with us. “The station is to disseminate information to the community, to preach the word of God and to allow the community to have a voice,” Reverend Demetrius Langford said. “Our goal is to preach the gospel, teach the gospel. We want good teaching and preaching radio.”

The internet radio station transmits 24 / 7 hours a day, seven days a week online and Podcast and Broadcast thur Iheart radio.“So far, so good, we’ve been doing it,” Reverend Sonia Langford said. “We’ll get it there. We’ll make it solid.”

“I wanted to reach souls and that was part of Reverend Demetrius Langford purpose in the community,” Reverend Sonia Langford said. Everybody has a purpose and a special gift. Mine is through music.”Even driving down the street, when people hear music and laughter, they know there is life in a community, Reverend Demetrius Langford said. “With the radio station, we have a voice behind the microphone,” he said. “We want to motivate the community to come out and get involved because when the community is involved, there is life in the community.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the station may call 320-438-4329. Ask For Rev. Demetrius Langford or Email:


Reverend Demetrius Langford


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