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Prayer Wall

Please join me in praying for these prayer requests: for December 2023

*Kristina - tranquility peace

*Patrycia - cancer in her face

*MG - cancer

*Rosa - prayer for her family

*Steve - for God to move in his life

*Liz - pray for her family and cost of living lowers

*Molly - loss of her beloved fur baby, salvation for Everett and her son and grandsons, financial blessings to be completed

*Edward - prayer for his health and prayers for his family

*Amber - kidney dialysis and her friend who is coming to the end of her life

*Sherri - prayer for her daughters

*Gloria - prayer for herself, her family and friends

*Trudy - salvation of her child and grandchildren

*Mary - prayer for her family

*Roxi - insomnia

*Anne - small stroke and God's healing power to flow through her

*Paula - peace

*Shawn - healing

*Ricardo - God to open the door for training in leadership of chat group

*Brigette - cancer

*Kimberly - finding a home church

*Kenneth - salvation of family members

*Pebbles - friend having open heart surgery

*Diane - husband with congestive heart

*Olga - salvation of family members

*Christy - teenage son to get a job

*May - friend going through struggles

*Nancy - prayer for family members

*Judith - healing and restoration

*Lawrie - colon cancer

*Richard - heart healing and restoration

*Paula - daughter and granddaughter safety

*Paula - family healing

*Happy - ministry and aid to East Africa

*Taffany - healing and restoration to walk and her ex-boyfriend for sobriety

*Mark - healing of Astrocytoma grade 3 cancer

*Scott - prayer for his children and his church

*Paula - Jesus to be seen in her more

*Donna - prayer for her children and grandchildren

*Chuck - brain surgery on Tuesday

*Nancy - daughter and son-in-law

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